For a couple of years now we’ve embraced the need to become a modern remote company. We’re based in Chicago, IL, but have team members in multiple zones.

Most of what goes on at Highbeam each day happens from our home offices and local coworking spaces. But we do maintain a physical presence in downtown Chicago, and are prepared to support clients on-site at their facilities, or from remote locations nationwide.

Photo of Andrew Parnell
South Bend, IN
Andrew Parnell
Founding Partner & CEO
Photo of Vladimir Jornitski
Oakland, CA
Vladimir Jornitski
Founding Partner
Photo of Eddie VanBogaert
Chicago, IL
Eddie VanBogaert
Partner & Data Engineer
Photo of Kris Kroski
Chicago, IL
Kris Kroski
Senior Developer
Photo of Amanda Dobbyn
Chicago, IL
Milin Desai
Data Scientist Intern
Photo of Brad Siefert
Chicago, IL
Brad Siefert
Product Designer

Highbeam is a wholly owned subsidiary division of Earlybird Data, a specialized provider of cloud data solutions for select industries and disciplines. Officially launched in 2018, the Highbeam team at Earlybird has been serving auto retail clients with reporting and analytics solutions since the start of 2015.