We're making data-driven operations possible in more places than ever, helping business leaders and analysts focus on what they do best.

Highbeam is a cloud data integration platform designed specifically for reporting and analytics at automotive retail groups. Owners, executives, analysts, and other data citizens trust apps and tools on the Highbeam platform to help automate reporting, streamline analysis, and enhance the overall data operations.


Our core application modules for Inventory Optimization, Profitability Analysis, and Global Lookups can be implemented much more rapidly than a custom software build. But because each deployment is configured to your organization’s unique needs, Highbeam overcomes many of the adoption and efficacy challenges inherent to one-size-fits-all analytics applications and BI tools.


The Highbeam Platform Core is our in-house solution framework. It represents about 60-70% of the code and other software assets deployed for each client. We’re constantly adding new features and improvements to this core, and are committed to maintaining long-term support (LTS) editions of this underlying system.

For a typical mid-sized dealership group, Highbeam can be fully implemented in under 100 days. This generally involves establishing a primary source integration (often a DMS, CRM, or other system), orchestrating the necessary cloud data pipelines, and configuring 2-3 main reports — either tailored versions of our application modules, or specialized adaptations of reports your business already relies upon.