Inventory Optimization

How do you decide what vehicles to put on your lot? In a world of things you can't control, inventory optimization is something you can. Our Inventory module recommends make, model, and trim acquisitions and lot volumes based on historical store activity and geographic trends. We can source data directly from your DMS, CRM, and other systems, or help you start collecting it for the first time.

Arguably the most important aspects of any dealership is what's on the lot or in the showroom. Inventories represent your investment, and in a market experiencing margin compression and heightened competition, sales volumes have never been more essential to dealer group growth and stability. Successful dealer pros recognize these crucial objectives, and are seeking to better understand their turnover times, financial ratios, and other key stats pertaining to their inventories.

Financial Reporting

How well are your investments paying off? What locations, campaigns, or vehicles are generating the best returns? Our Financial Reporting module helps report and visualize financial or operational performance measurements and comparisons.

Once upon a time, it may have been sufficient to review precise store financials on a monthly or even quarterly basis. Now, managing the cash or asset positions of your group requires near-constant monitoring, and the ability to respond to problems or identify issues as they arise. Analyzing costs and personnel performance can mean entire percentage points on the bottom line. Make sure your executives have the data and information they need at their fingertips to be successful.

Global Lookups

Our Global Lookups module gives authorized personnel the ability to quickly search directories of prospects, customers, vehicles, and important reference information, in a secure, mobile-friendly way.

Chances are, your dealer management system is sort of slow, not very user-friendly, and not easily accessible from your phone, tablet, or other remote device. And even if it is, the data these systems contain isn’t always structured or stored in ways conducive to conducting lots of everyday searches or analytic queries. Highbeam’s Global Lookups module is the fastest way to quick and securely retrieve filterable lists and record details of customers, vehicles, sales, and other events.

Custom Applications

We are constantly impressed by the creative and innovative business leaders we work with. For those seeking to build applications for specific data-driven use cases, Earlybird Data, the team behind Highbeam, partners with select clients on the development of new modules and platform functionality.

Every dealer group is unique, and working with clients throughout the industry has shown us how one size doesn’t necessarily fit all when it comes to reporting and analytics. If you have your own reports, standard use cases, or data-driven product ideas of your own, our team can assist with making those dreams a reality.